Show #0059 Some ATF Talk

Mostly lots of disjointed jibber jabber so buckle up, it a bit of a bumpy ride.



Liberty Or Zombie


MAG40 class in Utah is full but check out the site for future classes

Music on the Show

Artist: Immortal Technique
Album: The Martyr
Song: Rich Man’s World

Show #0058 General Talk

On the show today I have a mixed bag of stuff and some feedback as well. Also don’t forget to go to the web site and leave a message using the new app. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


New Jersey 2nd Amendment Society
Midway Shotshell belt

Show #0050 Freeze Dried Food and Feedback

On the show today I talk about some freeze dried food, and we have a follow up from Ken about the Kindle, also a movie recommendation from Eric.


Kindle Keyboard
VZ 58
Hicock45 review of VZ58
Video 1
Video 2
VZ58 Article
Freeze Dry Guy

Opening and Closing Music for the show:

Artist: Tab & Anitek
Album: Project Monarch
Song : Dormouse

Provided by Jamendo

Show #0048 Feedback

On the show today I have some feedback from Ken and Brad. It is kind of a short show today but something is better than nothing.



Interesting side note; I could never get BATFE site to load


Looking for feedback on the KINDLE