Show #0048 Feedback

On the show today I have some feedback from Ken and Brad. It is kind of a short show today but something is better than nothing.



Interesting side note; I could never get BATFE site to load


Looking for feedback on the KINDLE

Show #0027 Movie Reviews and Hand Tools

Today we have a movie review from Eric of the Handgun Podcast we also talk a little bit about some hand tools, the human powered ones.

Some of the movies that were talked about.
The Wild Bunch
The Professionals
Once Upon A Time In The West
All Quiet on the Western Front (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy)

Music Band: Bad Religion Song: You (Album Version)

provided by Mevio

Show # 0017 Eureka Two Man Combat Tent

Today I review my Eureka two man combat tent. They are also made by Diamond Brand. The tents will be the same as all materials and measurements are mil-spec. and everyone has to use the same stuff.


MSR Titan Cup

Snow Peak Titanium Mug

Eureka USMC Combat Tent 2 Man